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over 8 years ago

Visualize to Get the Prize

With a little less than a week to go, you're probably thinking about the best ways you can present data in order to be in the running for the awesome prizes. Remember - it isn't just a GoPro or a tablet that you could receive, but our best submissions may find themselves installed directly into the Mayor's Dashboard or placed in public areas around town!

The panel of judges will be looking to select finalists based on those that really hit our criteria. As you finalize your projects, remember to keep the following in mind:


  • Visualize Effectively - The best apps will be visual representations of city data and other public data sets that contextualize the goal of a thriving, healthy and innovative city.There are great examples in the discussion section!
  • Use Data Creatively - Combine data sets in creative ways, and get at the root of the most interesting information that may be buried.
  • Engage Constituents - While we often talk about how data helps the City, visualizations that show valuable insights will help business owners, residents and students who call Boston home.
  • Provide Insights into Operations - Craft innovative visualizations that highlight trends, opportunities, and decision points for the City
  • Provoke Conversations - Provide visualization that supports conversations between City government and the community around important topics on an on-going basis.
  • Create easy to use/understand products - Be easy to use for users with a general understanding of visualizations and reviewing data.


Good luck! Just five days left to submit.