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over 8 years ago

Additional Data and Helping You Get the Data You Need

Hope the hacking is going well!

We are excited about the projects we saw in action last weekend, and because you've been great about sharing and asking questions, we've been able to get more data available to help complete the projects at hand. Those new data sets - focused on tweets created by @notifyboston and mentions of the Twitter account - are now also available to all in the Open Data Portal. 

As a fun FYI, we also wanted to share the data sets that you and your fellow competitors accessed the most:

  1. Parking Tickets - 85 views
  2. MBTA Bus Locations - 52 views
  3. BPD 911 - 42 views
  4. Liquor Licenses - 36 views
  5. Waze Alerts - 32 views


Looking for something else or something more? Post it in the discussions. While we may not be able to get everything, we can hopefully connect you with someone to get you down the best path for your questions.