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over 8 years ago

Free Training, Software and Resources Throughout HubHacks2

There are endless ways to analyze, collate and visualize data - at this weekend's HubHacks, we are able to offer demonstrations and training on some of the best in the industry offerings when it comes to how you present and understand data.   As you may have already seen, there are a few offerings available to you over the course of HubHacks. Below, please find a description of each software, generously donated by some of our sponsors. You'll also find out more about the optional workshops and what time you can attend each session. Each training last approximately 40 minutes and you can attend all, one or none of them as you'd like. You do not need to attend the training session to access the software offerings.  
  • Tableau (11:20 a.m.): Tableau Desktop is the authoring solution where participants in Hubhacks 2 will be accessing data provided by the COB, building interactive visualizations and assembling them into dashboards that allow the story to be told.  We will cover the basics of connecting to data, choosing the appropriate visualization techniques to apply and introduction to creating dashboards.  Importantly, we will also provide instructions to the participants on where to go for tutorials, help and even inspiration as they begin their visualization journey with Tableau. Contact for access code to a trial of Tableau desktop software.
  • Esri ArcGIS (1:00 p.m.): Join us for an overview of free ArcGIS tools available to developers interested in making meaningful maps. In this 40-minute workshop, we will give you an overview of our APIs and inspire you with ideas for incorporating maps and spatial analysis and visualization in your hack. We’ll walk through the process of signing up for your free ArcGIS Developer account, publishing your own datasets as RESTful services hosted by Esri, accessing HubHacks 2 and other data on Boston’s spatial Open Data site and creating client apps to mashup and analyze authoritative content and your own services. We’ll provide plenty of demos and show off some examples of the cool functionality provided by the APIs. Sign up for a free developer account at An additional resource has been created specifically for HubHacks at Download a free trial of the desktop software at
  • Microsoft: Visualize Data using Power BI (1:45 p.m.): Every day, cities and states share new sets of data.  Combining this data with new applications and useful visualizations to present unique information is at the core of civic innovation. In this session, Lourdes German will share the capabilities of Power View and Power Map – a cloud service that lets you discover, analyze and visualize data using Excel 2013. Power BI is a free add-in to Excel 2013. Download Power BI now at Download Power View at
  • SAP: Visualization Software (2:30 p.m.): SAP is pleased to be part of HubHacks 2 in Boston, a first of its kind visualization hackathon!  We will be showing hackers how to use our visualization software and give some specific examples using the data provided to get you started.  SAP’s visualization software, Lumira, enables anyone to access, transform, and visualize data of any size in a repeatable and self-service manner. The tool emphasizes a simple user-friendly interface and creates very captivating visualizations which allow you to swiftly analyze data, there are extensions on Github too. SAP Lumira’s drag-and-drop interface is easy and with a few clicks data from multiple sources can be gathered, combined, and visualized. We are excited to see what you will build! Go forth and visualize!!! Download Lumira now for 30 days!