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over 8 years ago

The Data You'll Get Your Hands On

We are just a little more than a week away from HubHacks 2, and we are excited to see what all of you will have in store! Of course, it may be helpful to know what kind of data you'll get to access and visualize next weekend.   You may have seen the article in the Boston Business Journal earlier this week, which highlighted some of the data sets which are being made available to participants. We are excited to announce even more deep archives of information for you to review, study and analyze - building apps and ideas that will help us find out what makes Boston work.   Thanks to the amazing transparency of our government agencies and the partnership of some great Boston organizations, you can expect to receive access to the following data sets on March 14 at the kick-off event:
  • From the week of Feb 23 to March 1st, full information about:
    • Every 911 call made to Police with time and address (except domestic abuse)
    • Every 911 call made to Fire with time. Address included only for non-medical calls.
    • Every 911 call made to EMS.
    • Every parking ticket written.
    • GPS location of every bus every minute
    • Every user reported alert (jam, double parked car, pothole, accident) on Waze
  • Other City data including Permitting Detail, Entertainment Licenses, Licensing Board, Zoning
  • Data sets from the Boston Public Library, Big Belly, RunKeeper and ZipCar
That won't be all - more data will be included in the portal come March 14th. We hope you are excited - and we hope this helps you brainstorm ideas on what to start looking for!