Boston Licensing Explorer

Explore Boston food/entertainment/liquor licenses relative to local pop. density and income

The Licensing Explorer is a tool to view existing food, entertainment, and liquor licenses for the City of Boston within the context of other map layers such as median income and population density.

We thought this would be an interesting tool for both citizens and City planners to use. Citizens may be interested in finding relatively underserved regions as a way of identifying optimal locations to start a new business. City planners may be interested in finding these same regions as targets for strategic economic development efforts.

Census Tract polygons form the base data layer, and include details on median income and population density. We've also calculated the number of City license points within each polygon, so that the number of people per license can be displayed. The intent here was to provide some visualization into areas that may be ideal candidates for new restaurants or entertainment venues.

Check out the GitHub repo for more details on the technologies used and features available.

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