Boston Visual Strong

To serve Boston Citizens faster by combining social media posts and other datasets

We will analyze and visualize social media posts related to the city of Boston, combining this with other data sets such as 911 calls, service requests, transportation / mbta reports, and other data collected by the city.

The inspiration for this idea stems from last winter where the social media posts skyrocketed and important information was lost in the volume.

Since it is not possible to read and analyze such a volume of posts, we hope to help process the volume of social media posts faster by using Natural language Processing techniques and visualizing them.

We are planning to use NLP, Tableau and / or SAP HANA, Azure and Power BI tools.....

The key features are Word Analysis of social media posts, Sentiment of the posts on a daily basis overlaying other variables. The primary aim is to discover citizen concerns and help serve Boston's citizens faster.

Team Members: Ralph Lindenfeld; Krishna Valluru; Mahitha Valluru

Tableau location: Raw data in Excel:

Many thanks to and Tableau to make this possible.

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