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Presentation on April 4th

Can I have more information about the format of the presentations? For example,

-Should the presentation be a PowerPoint or an oral presentation?
-If it can be a PowerPoint, will we have access to a projector?
-How long should the presentation be?
-Will we be able to use speakers and microphones?
-Can we demo the applications, or do we have to take screenshots?

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  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi Mahitha, finalists chosen to present will have the following instructions/protocol:

    5 minute presentation, max
    Combination of video, live demo and powerpoint allowed (a computer, speakers and mics will be available with projector - the more demonstration you can do, the better)
    At 4 minutes, teams will receive a 1 minute warning
    At 5 minutes, judges will each be allowed one question of the group

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