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ESRI ArcGIS Software

The City of Boston makes extensive use of the ArcGIS mapping platform for spatial data management, collaboration, analysis, and visualization. You can use this platform too, which includes a complete suite of tools for both developers and non-developers. Sign up for a free developer account at There you will find information about APIs, SDKs, cloud-based software and services and more. As part of this account, you will receive 50 credits per month for data storage, analysis, and geoprocessing. A coupon for an additional 1000 credits will be handed out at HubHacks 2 in District Hall on 3/14/15.

An additional resource has been created specifically for HubHacks at Download a free trial of the desktop software at


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    We are working on spatially enabling some of the Socrata datasets used in the hackathon. The data will be available via geoservice RESTful endpoint, geoJSON RESTful endpoint, KML, shapefile and other formats. Find them via the spatial Open Data portal here:

    look for the Socrata/Hubhacks search at the bottom.

    We will add more datasets as they become available.

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    If you are already using ArcGIS Online to build webmaps, you can add these layers to your webmap by searching in ArcGIS Online for "hubhacks".

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    Here's a link to our presentation at the Hubhacks event, in case you missed it or want to watch it again. Lots of great stuff in there.

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